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Donald Trump and Crab Ding - The 'So-Called' Truth

【Written by: Kayser】

It's been a painful month with so much chaos going on since Trump took office as president. 

First he complained that the media lied about the size of his inauguration attendance to embarrass him. And he oddly bragged about a blessed rain-less inauguration when people were clearly seen holding umbrellas (such as his wife, Melania) or in ponchos (guests and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir).

Then he fired Michael Flynn, his National Security Advisor, who was reported to have misled Mike Pence, the VP, on his communication with the Russian ambassador regarding Obama's sanctions toward Russia.

Michael Flynn(AP Photo)

This certainly was only a tip of the iceberg. It was soon revealed that CIA and the officials hold evidence (phone records, intercepted calls) about the constant communication between the Trump campaign members and Russia in the year preceding the election – possibly the biggest political crisis in American history!

While responding to Bill Reilly's question on Putin being "a killer", Trump shot back, in Putin's defense, that America also has killers and is far from innocent either!

Last Thursday (Feb 16) Trump called upon his own press conference and resumed his whining and complaining tone, blurting out words with hardly any sense or reason.

He bragged that despite the "chaos" that we see from TV, "this administration is running like a fine-tuned machine".

He claimed he would like to meet with groups that focus on black rights but Senator Cummings couldn't meet (Cummings asserted, however, that he didn't get calls from the White House); and Trump asked the reporter who presented the question to arrange the meeting!

Trump continued to condemn the media as "fake news" and complained he inherited a mess….

The entire press conference that's filled with bitter slanders against the press lasted for a mighty 77 minutes!

Well, his infamous and controversial travel ban executive order failed in both the federal and appeal courts. While he unyieldingly declared taking the case to the Supreme Court, the ban's obvious violation against the Constitution rendering no chance for reinstatement led to White House's revocation of the original ban – they would have to issue a new one!

On Saturday (February 18), Trump decided to get back to his campaign trail. "Life is a campaign" was his explanation. He headed to Florida to speak to his supporters.

Suddenly he pointed to Sweden, "You look at what's happening last night in Sweden? Sweden. Who would believe this? Sweden. They took in large numbers. They're having problems like they never thought possible."

But what exactly happened in Sweden the previous night? Nothing!

The next day Trump admitted he got this debunked "news" from Fox News Trucker Carlson Tonight show, talking about Sweden's soaring crime rate as a result of an increasing surge in refugees going into the country – something the Swedish State Agency swiftly denied, besides, there were no other facts to support such "news". Turns out when he said "last night", he meant the TV from last night, not what happened last night in Sweden?!

Just like that, his erratic "news" splashes drive the government into frantic confusion, and it's yet to respond to Stockholm's request for clarity.

So, it's been a month of chaos in the White House with messy messages and confusion.

And one of the problems lies in the habit of our Tweeter-in-Chief. He does not seem to care if his messages are against the law, or simply baseless rumors by nature, or what consequences they bring. He does not care.

He tirelessly attacks the media as "fake news". He indignantly diminishes the judges to lacking Americans' best interest at heart.

All of Trump's bizarre behavior has led to private talks and suspicion among politicians about the president's mental state.

But he "believes" in what he said. He is not lying. He is telling the truth – his own truth.

It reminds me of a character in a popular 1992 Hong Kong TV series "The Greed of Man" – Crab Ding. (This character's name is really "Crab".) He is an odd character in that he only sees his own truth. He can totally twist the thoughts of the other people to fit in his own "reality".

This "truth" that is totally separate from the outside world is unverifiable. So Ding, a killer, would defend in court, "I killed someone, but I didn't do wrong." "The point is: this case is not about whether I killed someone, but rather: the priceless redemption of a man."

What a classic "alternative fact" that twisted plain right from wrong.

Donald Trump and Crab Ding.

Hence we cannot dismiss the importance of Trump's words even if they seem unreasonable. To Trump, they are all reasonable and legal, good for the country. It's only when they become reality, they become catastrophes.

The fictitious Crab Ding got what he deserved. But the real Trump still holds real power and what he says and does impacts the lives and fate of many.

So does Trump have a mental problem? We cannot really understand how his brain functions. But we may have a glimpse from where he gets his information.

It seems Trump cares a great deal about how other people view him - how he's being reported and described. He went to TV for such information, and he tweets soon after the relating news!

And his favorite sources of information, those that he does not call "fake news", include Fox News (Right public and cable TV networks), Breitbart News (established in 2007, alt-right news organization that sprawls across the web, TV, newspapers etc), and Infowar (another alt-right network that includes radio broadcast and website).

Breitbart and Infowar serve as Trump's major sources of "news".

Breitbart News and Infowar are famous for their conspiracy theories, using baseless newscast and rumors -- the epic "fake news" producers.

The founder of Infowar, Alex Jones, an ardent anti gun control activist, once declared the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting as "fabricated news".

A 20-year old went to this school with a gun and shot 20 kids age 6 – 7 before killing himself. Jones asserted that it was not real shooting but fake news by the media, that the kids were young actors, and that the media did this to take the guns off people's hands!

Trump thinks highly of Jones, and promised that if he were elected president, he wouldn't disappoint Jones.

And Steve Bannon, the Executive Chair of Breitbart News, the archetypal promoter of racism and white supremacy, was worshipped by Trump. Bannon eventually became Trump's Chief Strategist (later offered a prominent seat at his National Security Council). It's widely said that Bannon is the "real" president, affecting the White House policies at all levels.

This may explain the outrage behind Trump's words.

However, for his words to become reality, he needs support.

So who would support such nonsense? 

Clearly, the biggest loser in this election is "sanity".

In fact, both Breitbart News and Infowar have widespread influence in many areas of America. They instigate an ideology that the government is against its people, hence they have to fight at all costs to secure guns so that in case someday the government becomes aristocratic and turns against its people, they can form their own militia to fight back.

They even build their own air-raid shelters to prepare for the Doomsday. They feed on news from these radio talk shows and TV and newspapers and web networks.......where their grievances as the "forgotten middle class" found their ideological echoing grounds.

Look at these words – they can be simply understood at a quick glance. But if you slow down to "read" the content, you realize that they are all scrambled to senseless words.

Likewise, "truth" can be distorted and confused.

If you have a set mind on a certain thing, what you see will rationalize what's in your mind. You don't see the blind spots. You don't see any errors.

Trump's world is a crooked and distorted world. If you don't pay attention, you might be just like him, or many others, falling into a world that's different from the one you live in and understand.

You may think you are the only "sane" person while the others are crazy.

And you get yourself stuck in a dead-end alley.

There are no "alternative facts".
What is true is always true.
Truth never falters.